Peristrema of Cappadocia by Three Graces Travel

     Peristrema of Cappadocia is a walking tour among the rock-cut churches from the Byzantine Period. During this program; you can also experience the underground shelters & one of the crater lakes in Turkey.

Where are we heading during this programme?

Ihlara Valley; (often misspelt as Ilhara Valley), near Mount Hasan and Mount Melendiz (two of the three volcanoes of Cappadocia), is a canyon with a depth of approximately 80m and was formed by the Melendiz River thousands of years ago with walking routes inside.

Kırk Damalı (or Dam Altı) Church; also called the Church of St George, it features a badly damaged fresco of St George slaying the dragon (a three-headed serpent). On either side of St George are Basil Giagupes, a Greek minister of the Seljuk Turkish Sultan Mesud II, and Basil’s wife Thamar, who paid for the frescoes. The church is thought to have been built between 1283 and 1295.

Underground City of Kaymakli; the widest, enchanting, one of the over 100 most wonderful underground city in Cappadocia Touristic Region. It’s situated on Aksaray province road on southwestern. Miraculously well protected and maintained structure is a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

Nar Crater Lake; is a crater lake that was formed when a volcano blew its top sometime in the not too distant geological past. The hot sulfurous water, which still bubbles up from somewhere below the surface, is supposed to be good for curing all kinds of skin problems. Hot water surging out from the south and north shores of the lake is supposed to be useful in treating rheumatism and many people from neigh­bouring villages come here for a cure.

Pigeon (Guvercinlik) Valley; the valley is named for the many pigeon houses or dovecotes carved into the rocks and cliffs.

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  • Professional licensed tour guide
  • A/C non-smoking private van
  • Lunch in a valley restaurant
  • Entrance fee(s) during the tour


  • Personal expenses
  • Tips (optional)
  • Drinks at the lunch

About This Tour

  • Duration : 10:00 / 17:30 (approx.)
  • Vehicle : private a/c van with cool drinks.
  • Guide : our guides are well-educated & they can speak several languages.
  • Driver : at least 5 years of experiences & passed all the psychotechnical tests.

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